Why choose us as a hosting provider?

For Bastify, the fundamental thing is to generate trust as a hosting provider.

Bastify as a hosting provider will be responsible for maintaining your website online 24 hours, where you can count on the best professionals.



We believe in WordPress and our association has allowed us to support it for more than 10 years. Our internal team is made up of dedicated WordPress experts to provide the best support every time you need answers. We even dedicate engineers in our development staff to the development of WordPress CORE full-time. Nobody powers WordPress better or understands it more than we do


From our servers to our internal tools and the scripts that our clients trust, we are based on open source. To help the community, we work side by side with the developers to take advantage of our resources and our experience to help your software thrive. With a development team with experience in the optimization of more than 80 open source platforms, Bastify is the world's leading solution for open source implementation and development.


Bastify is a leading provider of web solutions services. Since our foundation, Bastify has continuously innovated new ways of fulfilling our mission: to train people to make the most of the web. Based in Madrid, Spain, we offer comprehensive tools to millions of users around the world so that anyone, novice or professional, can access the Web and prosper.

Customer Support

A great team, passionate about technology and continuous training, dedicated exclusively solving and making your own problems.

The Hosting you need

The best Hosting, without permanency commitment, knowing that you can change it whenever you want and that you can expand your resources on time

Our Skills

WordPress Hosting
Secure and fast servers 88%
Dedicated servers
Great Performance 86%
Hosting Cloud
Ultra Fast 85%

Opinions of our clients

With this template you can view not only the hosting service, but any type of product or service. This well documented is easy to use and install for those with knowledge.

Ana Sanchez

It's great, easy to use, customizable, a bit complicated to install but when you have such a committed technical support, why worry? They are very attentive, fast and efficient.

Carlos Martin

Excellent customer service makes life easier with less stress to help my business take off. The technicians are available even when the support time expired

Miguel JimenEz

Need help? Call us to support team 910059673