Redundant DNS

By having duplicate and synchronized copies of the DNS servers in different parts of the world, the service will never fall and will always be active. If a server in Europe fails, Anycast will automatically route to the next available server closest to it.

Premium service .. FREE

DNS Anycast is a service that other providers offer almost always as a payment service. From BAstify we offer it to you free of charge, you have one or several domain.

Less impact before DDoS

With our Anycast DNS service, denial of service attacks can not be made to a specific DNS server, because even if one or more servers were affected by an attack, the rest will continue to function correctly and normally.

Performance improvement

Users will be routed to the DNS server closest to their location, achieving lower latency. The initial request will be answered more quickly and optimally.

What is DNS Anycast?

DNS Anycast is a very powerful tool for distributing DNS servers, by means of which a copy of your DNS is synchronized in multiple geographic points of the planet, in this way it allows to optimize and accelerate the normal performance of DNS servers, they will request this information from the server that is closest to their geographical position. The user will only notice a high load speed improvement on the first visit.

Red Anycast

Below we show you the geographic locations of our DNS Anycast service