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How to configure your email manager on different devices?

Bussiness 24 Jan, 2021

Configuration parameters for the Bastify Email account

With Bastify, you can quickly and easily configure your new email account on your different devices (whether mobile, PC, tablet or laptop) and on the different mail managers. Before accessing your email account, your email manager will need certain parameters for its correct configuration. Here is the information you need:

  • Domain : (example:
  • Address email: (your email)
  • Password: Enter the one corresponding to this account
  • Host Name< /strong>: (“mail” is fixed)
  • Username: (your email)
  • POP/IMAP/SMTP Server: (“mail” is fixed)
  • Port and security type (if possible, leave it automatic):
    • Secure: Input ports: (IMAP: 993 ( recommended) or POP3: 995); and SMTP output port: 465. Security type: Use SSL/TLS (RECOMMENDED)
    • Not sure : Input ports: (IMAP: 143, POP3: 110); and SMTP output port: 587. Security type: none (NOT RECOMMENDED)

Settings for iPhone/Ipad

Settings for Android

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